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Kathy Pippig Harris has won awards for several of her short stories and poems. Five of her books have been published; 4 fiction novels, and 1 non-fiction novel. Fiction novels: From the Great Wound, Siren Song, The Selandahrs, For the Spirit-Soul. Non-fiction novel: The Stranger Within - (About her personal experience with cancer.)

Her works have been featured in many hard copy print and online publications including: 2TheHeart, StoryTime Tapestry, Starfish, Heartcatchers, Driftwood, CatTails, Petwarmers, Heartwarmers, Insight of the Day (under the nom de plume of Stehvin Walker), Warm Fuzzy Stories, A Click to Your Heart, Gwen's Place Newsletter, Inspire 21, Emerging Courageous, Karin Janin & Magic of Intention, Sir Froggie's Positive News Network, in the Light of Angels, Eagle ID (a great site for America's Military Vets), and Eternal Ink. She is also a columnist for the publication "Frank Talk" which is distributed in six counties in the tri-state area of Michigan, Missouri, and Ohio.

Kathy Pippig Harris has been a student of the martial arts and while attending university studied anthropology, mythology and folklore. She nurtures a deep love of dogs and their predecessor--the wolf. She has a consuming passion for wildlife, nature . . . and all things magical.

Kathy lives in the San Joaquin Valley of central California where she shares her life with her husband and their furry family. Kathy states, "I work full time for a living, and I write in order to live fully."

"It is magic that makes our daily living 'real' and bearable." --Kathy Pippig Harris

"The world is best viewed through the eyes of a child; for only by perceiving the world through the childlike joy of the young in heart can we truly appreciate it."--Kathy Pippig Harris

Love is the Golden's Light

Tucker & Me

About Reading and Writing

You can be, anywhere. It can be any season. Night or day. If you have something to read, you have more than just letters assembled on a page. You have the company of the author, as he or she shares with you what they have transferred from mind to words, in writing.

You have the companionship of the characters. You experience what they live and what they do. You hear the words they speak and you know what they think, as well. A paragraph can transport you to another land. A foreign country. Another time. Another world.

In the space of a page you may laugh and cry. Experience fright
and anger. Awaken to surprise and astonishment. You may even fall asleep and dream about the last passage you read. Your mind journeys past that and you create your own scene.

And, from a writer's perspective, it is much the same.  -- Kathy

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