A Shimmer Golden

she is there in a column of sunlight
in the glimmering dawn of a Spring day
in the shimmer of all that is golden
by your side she will always stay

her spirit, drawn to your link of love
the sunny ray of your tender regard
will be with you when you are lonely
whether the times be good or hard

the softest breeze is her panting grin
a silken zephyr, her wagging tail
hers--the invisible kiss on your hand
the strength of your bond can ne'er fail

so when you see the gold motes of twilight
know that her gentle presence is near
she shall be dancing with the fireflies
joyful -- free of sorrow and free of fear

with her tail awaggin' ...in the now and here

...for Missy

copyright 2007 by Kathy Pippig Harris



Background picture of Alfie & Darcy, care of Rochelle Lesser, at

Land of Pure Gold

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