Clothed in Fur

I have a loving heart that is clothed in fur
in mutual trust, my soul is shared with her
Her love's the shape of infinity & forever more
and she travels with me through life's every door

Because of her, my sorrow turns to happy tears
she banishes my stress, my grief & all my darkest fears
My beating love supports me, our link is very strong
and, I know she'll be with me, even when she's "gone"

My heart beats sleepily, at my feet, on the floor
Free of the sands of time in the now, after & before
she dreams of romping on a sun-drenched beach
With her, all hopes and dreams are within my reach

She has paw-hands, paw-feet, and a wagging tail
my heart is a female, but yours might be a male
It's heaven every time we greet each other anew
with her at my side, my troubles and woes are few

Hers is the welcoming balm that always awaits me
through her eyes, the good in everything I will see
My heart clothed in fur is a smiling, happy canine
perhaps your heart is a sleek, purring, wise feline

Of her loyalty, devotion, and purpose I can be sure
and I thank the Creator for my heart clothed in fur...

Copyright 2007 Kathy Pippig Harris