For the Seal Babes

harp seal pup

Last year over 350,000 of us were put to death
clubbed or shot, hunters forever took away our breath
Close to our mothers, lying there in the snow
we were but babes and we could not know

When first we glimpsed the ships on the ocean cold
we were unafraid, not thinking they'd be so bold
But onto the ice and through our land the men strode
breaching our nursery, and entering our family fold

As they approached we looked on, unable to understand
the expressions on their faces, the weapons in their hands
At first we didn't stir, but then the men toward us ran
it quickly became a slaughter and we were the lambs

This was our first exposure to humans, staffs and guns
as we looked up, they quickly struck us with their clubs
Some of us didn't die from the blows--we were only stunned
our hearts still beating as they skinned us, spilling our blood

Later, the parents or seal babies who managed to survive
moved on the ice and crimson snow, in disbelief, and cried
Grieving for the lost ones whose fur-less bodies lay so still
not knowing if the humans would be back, or if they'd had their fill...

To a future, where "their fill" is gone and past
a pledge to stop the killing, an oath that will last.
Copyright 2007 Kathy Pippig Harris




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