to fight

humans have taken all that in us is good
twisted and mangled it for the sickness
in a part of the world called the 'hood

others of our race, but not our breed
are used as bait for in-training fights
like us, they go where the humans lead

but it's not their nature to lunge & bite
these gentle souls immersed in violence
must live their life in terror and fright

onto the blood spattered earth we tread
the meek and the innocent made mean
willing or no, to the brutal fracas we're led

and though we have been brave and strong
in the ring some of us will fail and fall
circled by a jeering, cheering, inhuman throng

this shouldn't be how we begin or end
remember us in the thoughts you keep,
and include us in the prayers you send

we were not meant to live this way
please help us anyway that you can
be our voices, for we don't have a say

dog fighting should be forever banned...

copyright 2007 by kathy pippig harris


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